Kaplan Thaler Group

Kaplan Thaler Group Advertising New York, NY Kaplan Thaler Group is an advertising agency in NYC,famous for their witty tv commercials for Aflac, Swiffer, Trojan condoms, among many others, asked us to rebrand the agency. They also wrote some pretty famous books about their philosophy, like "Bang!", featuring a burst lightbulb on the cover, "The Power of Small", and "The Power of Nice". We designed a new logo and abstracted the "idea lightbulb" with a yellow “a” and a spotlight. A hand-drawn lightbulb makes various appearances on stationery and website and various animations featuring hand-drawn lightbulb caricatures enliven their reel and website videos. Instead of creating a series of routine branded environments, we designed a set of constantly-evolving participatory installations that encourage staff creativity, collaboration, innovation and fun. The installations include signage for each employee that they write and rewrite themselves. The bathrooms feature colorful graffiti designed by a commissioned graffiti artist.

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