NBC, National Broadcasting Company

The NBC Peacock had been a part of NBC’s history since it first appeared in 1956 to announce the arrival of color television. The network’s feathered friend quickly became identified with NBC and was widely used as a promotional device, but not as the official trademark. In 1979, NBC decided to take a new look at their visual identity and reevaluate its effectiveness within an increasingly competitive marketplace. The decision was made to officially adopt the Peacock as NBC’s corporate symbol. The new trademark needed to be strong, unified and colorful, while creating an indelible link between the Peacock symbol and the network’s initials to reinforce the perception of NBC as a leader in the entertainment industry. A sleek, stylish, and strikingly simple peacock evolved from a detailed illustration into a forceful and flexible symbol. The colors of the logo represent the tonal spectrum of color television. Together, they symbolize the contribution of every member of the corporate family. Separately, they give each division a distinct, individual identity. The peacock and the NBC name offer quick, easy corporate identification and a bright, familiar face for every facet of the company’s business, whether on the air or on the road. Over 25 years later the Peacock remains as distinctive, identifiable and contemporary as when it was first introduced. The standards manual has eliminated any disparities in design style and ensured a consistent level of quality across NBC’s advertising, design and promotion departments.

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