NFF Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nonprofit Finance Fund, a national leader in helping nonprofits strengthen their financial health, hired C&G Partners to redesign, strengthen and clarify their branding. For an organization whose mission is pivotal to the success for numerous nonprofits, it was imperative that their branding speak clearly and directly to their goal. Previously, Nonprofit Finance Fund’s acronym, NFF, was used as their logo, but it neither projected a sense of what the organization was about, nor contained the characteristics that it embodies. First, C&G Partners recommended to return to the full name. Next, it was supplemented it with a logo that relates to the two-fold personality of the organization: the leaf connects to the idea of growth and support for smaller nonprofits, yet is tempered with the business aspects necessary for success, symbolized by the strong bar-chart linear elements. The color choice also speaks to this dual nature: the cool grey of finance combined with a warm orange representing the organization’s aspirational side.

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