A hands-on, independent graphic design consultancy, specializing in the creation of logos and brand identities, print materials, environmental graphics, posters and other visual communications, including all the work shown here.

AIGA Competitions & Exhibitions
Peace Poster, Godzilla & King Kong
New York Public Library 100th Anniversary
New York and the Arts: A Cultural Affair
New York is Dance
New York is Gardens & Zoos
New York is Theater
New York is Children
New York is Heritage
New York is Music
New York is Museums
Pride of Place
Be in Berlin
Frida & Diego Anniversary
Toulouse Lautrec 100
Logo 2000, International Design Forum
A Nation of Nations
IAAF Mobil Grand Prix
International Chidren's Day
Protect & Preserve our Planet
AGI Congress in Oacaca, Mexico
AGI Congress in Paris
AIGA NY Season
Steff in Georgia
Portfolio Center
Which came first?
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